Our Program

Regular school

There is a thought behind every activity that the Autistic and slow learner children are involved in. The day begins at 8:00 a.m. when the slow learner children comes at AARAMBH for special academic sessions, at 11:00 am, special academic session ends and autistic children arrives for the quality special education, therapies and the vocational training. At 11:15, it's time for Prayer and yoga. These activities are very important to their well-being. AARAMBH has team of good special educators, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist, music teacher and dance teacher for the overall development of autistic and slow learner children. Our special educators teaches life skills like combing hair, wearing their clothes etc., which will make them independent. There are dance and music classes scheduled daily. This activity gives them tremendous joy and happiness. It also has a therapeutic effect on them.

Outreach Program

we give outreach program for children from other cities. In Marathwada there is no more center for autism so parents come across from all over Maharashtra. we take assessments of the child make a program for one month to three month. They follow them and came for further assessment.

Vocational Training center

AARAMBH has separate room for the vocational training, during the vocational training, childrens being taught for making of greeting card, envelopes,paper bags,decorative diyas and rangolies and so on. Children learns from the teachers and makes very beautiful above mentioned things with fun and happiness. In mid of year 2012, we have started Aarambh Art Zone for autistic teenagers from 14 to 17 years of age as we felt the need of providing pre-vocational training to our 14+ children. Children are taught to engage in several activities. They are taught to make paper bags, gift boxes, greeting cards, envelopes, jelly wax floating candles, bookmarks, Diwali diyas, jewelry boxes etc. Apart from these, we are also teaching the kids how to grind atta or dals. Many parents worry about their child’s future. We ensure that each child engages in some activity which can be useful in their life in the future.


Aarambh organics various workshops for children and parents on various subjects by expert professionals.