About Us

About Aarambh

AARAMBH is a registered non-governmental organization in public trust F-18037 working to provide quality special education, therapy and vocational training to the autistic and slow learner children since 2011. It is a first Autism center in the Marathwada region. It offers complete care and a happy, dignified and secure life filled with love, compassion, and achievement-oriented activities to autistic and slow learner children. AARAMBH also conducts workshops for the special children parents for their education and guidance.

Aarambh's Vision

We visualize AARAMBH as a movement that has started a home for autistic and slow learner children, to live with happiness, love, dignity and security, a life which is enjoyable, full of achievement-oriented activity, productivity and fulfillment, with specialized vocational training for the elder autistic and slow learner children to make then independent and to bring them into the main stream of the society.Educate, motivate, assist and guide groups of parents.

Aarambh's Mission

It is well known that once a child is AUTISTIC cannot become normal throughout life. It is very difficult for them to spend life like others. So, it is the Mission of AARAMBH on priority basis To provide quality intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)